New innovative Labium, bore improvements, easier high notes and less demanding to play.
Adriana’s outdated Eagle models, are sold by Küng under the name E3 with a voicing made by Küng and not by her.

Fly Beyond

The Eagle recorder can soar majestically above an orchestra and transports the lovely original recorder sound back to this century.
An uncompromising and incomparable recorder sound that is miles removed from the familiar school recorder sound.
Whereas all of the other woodwind and brass instruments have transformed over the centuries up to today, the much-copied baroque recorder model has not kept up with the times.

This 18th century model, with is silvery timbre, does not fit with modern, evolved instruments. To do that the recorder had to get louder and needed a more solid and fundamental sound. The Eagle was created from extremely loud and wide-bore fantasy/meditation models that are not based on old ‘originals’.

We have developed the sound of these pure, direct flutes into the refined Eagle recorder that can now match up against any modern instrument.