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Eagles commonly fly alone - Chiel Meijering - Dan Laurin

Recorder concerto Vito Palumbo with Dan Laurin

Funk Machine Karel van Steenhoven

Jakob Manz on F alto

Sound samples

Franz Joseph Haydn - Flute Quartet in D, op. 5 no. 1 - Presto - Bassano Quartet

The Pied Piper Part4 - Soprano's Lament - Dan Laurin

Sonata nr 3 - Heinrich Biber (1644 - 1704) - Piers Adams

Zither Carol - Let the Angels Sing - Michala Petri

The Recorder Shall Sound - Handel in the Wind - Red Priest

Koraal 1, Westerbork 1943- Ronald Moelker - Bassano Quartet

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