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Eagles commonly fly alone - Chiel Meijering - Dan Laurin

Recorder concerto Vito Palumbo with Dan Laurin

This is the EAGLE Recorder! | Team Recorder Pro-Files

Funk Machine Karel van Steenhoven

Jakob Manz on F alto

Piers Adams & City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong Telemann Concerto for Treble Recorder

Karel van Steenhoven.

Red Priest - Truly Madly Baroque

LIVE - from SUITE for Soprano and Alto Recorder, Wind Quintet & Percussion by Ingvar Karkoff

César Franck, Prelude op. 18 with Eagle Recorder

Now (part II)

Piazzolla 'Chiquillín de Bachín' on Recorder and Accordion

Ronald Moelker - J.S. Bach Cello Suite nr. 2 BWV 1008: Sarabande

Allegro, Quartett D-dur J.C. Bach on Eagle Recorders