Eagle Ganassi Alto in F

  • Castello buxus
  • Grand orchestral sound
  • Wooden labium
  • Stable modern brass keys for strong low f', and f#'
  • Range 2 + third octaves, from f' to a'''
  • A = 443Hz

  • Voicing adjusted to your breathing type
  • Sounds like a Ganassi recorder but plays much easier and the sound is stronger
  • Due to the keys it plays modern fingering chromatically, equal tempered
  • Wide bore for a big sound, compatible with modern instruments
  • Available now

Eagle Alto ‘Mic.’

  • Eagle Ganassi Alto with built-in microphone
  • Perfect for amplified playing in a band, on stage or outdoors
  • Lots of freedom of movement and a beautiful natural sound
  • Easy click system with cable to the amplifier
  • Comes with microphone and cable (amplifier not included)
  • Inclusive thumbrest